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This guide will help you find the answers to your questions and give you useful tips that will explain how to correctly apply a perfume, what are the elements to consider when choosing a perfume, etc. Most of the time, people choose their perfumes regardless of concentration. This is a very important aspect in determining the quality of perfumes, as they are essential variables in the perfume industry.

In the category of perfumes there are three main subdivisions divided as follows: perfume water, bath water and cologne. A special category is represented by that of perfume (pure perfume), considered as the strongest variant available on the market, containing about 15-30% of essential oils. In this category we mention perfumes such as: Hermes Terre, 1 Million Absolutely.

Eau de parfum:

This is what follows the fragrance, containing 8-15% of aromatic oils. The water in the perfume is quite persistent, but most of the time this can depend on the brand.

Eau de toilette:

Being often used due to affordable prices, the toilet water contains an oil concentration of around 4-8%. It is weaker in intensity and, in most cases, requires reapplication over the course of a day.

Eau de cologne:

Of all those mentioned, the colony contains the largest amount of alcohol. In its essence, the colony contains about 3-5% of essential oils. The cologne is dissolved in alcohol at 60-70 degrees.

Each person is unique in his or her own way and has different tastes. A fragrance behaves differently on the skin depending on the ph, the characteristics or other peculiarities that individualize each individual. Fragrances can have a different smell from person to person, because in contact with the skin they react in different ways. Therefore, the best indicator for identifying a suitable fragrance can be our skin.

Being exposed to a whole wave of information, people are increasingly choosing the right perfume. Although there are various ways to test perfumes before making a purchase, first of all, it is recommended that in the selection process we take into consideration our tastes and personalities. At the same time, it is important that the choice is as good as possible, we take into consideration the advice of those who specialize in the field. In this regard, specialists recommend testing the products directly on the skin, not on the papers found in large perfumeries. In the end, the advice of those close to us would lead to a much wiser decision, with their confirmation. Once purchased, applying the perfume can be considered simple, but the smallest tricks can make a difference.

One trick to applying perfumes is that they are used before dressing. In this way, they are not affected by the smell faced by the clothes. At the same time, if similar products from the fragrance range are used, it is recommended to apply a smaller amount. The areas with which the fragrance resonates best are the wrist and the area along the neck. Furthermore, toilet water is said to be suitable for wearing during the day, while the perfume extract is designed to be worn at special moments. The application of a perfume must also be carried out according to the season, so that in winter intense perfumes are preferable, while in summer you opt for light and fresh perfumes.

Perhaps, at some point, we all realized that we are influenced positively or negatively by certain smells. It is understandable that, due to the essences that make up perfumes, people can go through different moods. One of the most important senses, the olfactory sense, has some of the most powerful echoes for memory. The smell can trigger the most varied emotions, so that a fragrance can change our mood, awakening strong and unsuspected memories.

A perfume is a set of flavors. It was created in such a way as to lead to a specific smell that would individualize it. If it is combined with the aromas of another fragrance, this result deteriorates, so the new combination can be unpleasant, without careful selection of the ingredients.

According to the main classifications of the time, according to the notes, perfumes are classified into four categories, as follows:


  • Floral perfumes
  • Sweet floral scents
  • Oriental floral scents


  • Oriental perfumes
  • Sweet oriental perfumes
  • Oriental woody perfumes


  • Woody perfumes
  • Musky perfumes
  • Dry woody scents
  • Spicy perfumes


  • Citrus perfumes
  • Marine perfumes
  • Green perfumes
  • Fruity perfumes
  • Oriental essences : based on exotic flavors
  • Floral essences : in general, they are intended for women, due to the rich composition of the flowers.
  • Fresh essences : they are made up of oceanic essences and citrus fruit
  • Wood essences: predominated above all in men’s perfumes.
  • Spiced: are the result of the combination of vanilla essences with floral or woody notes.
  • Cypre: have a blend of bergamot, oakmoss and patchouli in their composition.
  • Quoio : the essences that contribute to this result are honey and tobacco. In combination, they bring with the smell of the skin.
  • Aldehyde : secretes the aldehyde substance. The best known fragrance that falls into this category is Chanel No. 5.
  • Ferna (fougere): the essences contain notes of lavender, coumarin and oakmoss.
  • Citrus fruits: as the name shows, the aromas are dominated by the power of citrus fruit.

At the same time, another classification that we must know is that of the notes of the essences. They are divided into three main categories:

  • Main notes: are the first to show freshness, being the ones that last less.
  • Middle notes: or cardiac (as they are known) are those that can last longer than the highest notes. They take on their role immediately after the persistence of the upper notes has diminished.
  • Base notes: They are rich and have a lasting persistence.

How many of us ask ourselves the same questions before and after buying a product? Whether it’s a cosmetic product, perfume, or make-up, we have all our doubts about the action, effect and result. Will it work? Who knows if I’m better off with this? If it costs more does it mean that it is better? Which product is suitable for me? It is important to know our skin well and how it manifests itself during the day to understand what it needs to stay fresh and healthy for as long as possible. Dyma-perfumes, has selected a series among the best products for you and for your daily care of your well-being.
As I said before, to know if a product is suitable for you and your skin type and that it works, you must first know your body.
The prices of the products vary according to the ingredients they contain; if they are more rare than synthetic ingredients then the price will be significantly higher. Let’s find out some frequently asked questions:

Generally oily skin is less prone to wrinkles, usually appearing later than other skin types. However, it is very important to treat this type of skin, with specific moisturizing products that regulate excess sebum.

You have to take care of your skin, with products for your skin type. A sulfur cream every night before going to sleep can be very effective against acne, and an excellent flaming. Daily cleaning is also important, but also the protection of the skin during the day with a firming, moisturizing cream with sun protection factor.

The differences are there, and very different. The anti-wrinkle creams help to counteract the wrinkles already visible on our face, while the anti-aging creams promote the firmness of the first wrinkles that appear.

To prevent and relieve wrinkles it is very important to observe a daily care ritual that includes an anti-wrinkle cream at night, one during the day and one for the eyes to be used twice a day (morning and evening).
The anti-wrinkle day cream must also contain sun protection factors.

From this description it is very possible that you are facing seborrheic dermatitis. This often occurs from products or detergents that are very aggressive for your skin type, so I recommend that you first consult a dermatologist, then depending on the diagnosis and its recommendations, establish the right products for you.

The differences are: the night cream is normally more nourishing and helps the normal regeneration process of the skin while it is relaxed. Unlike day creams, night creams do not contain a sun protection factor. Day creams defend us from a whole series of external aggressions that threaten their integrity (sun, wind, cold and pollution), not to mention internal agents such as: stress, smoking or unbalanced nutrition or use of aggressive make-ups or in large quantities. The day cream must contain a light and easily absorbable texture.

Until now there has never been any negative effect of the foundation on wrinkles, but it is recommended to use it with measure. Never apply it to the skin directly without first putting a cream or serum to protect it.

In Europe, animal tests for cosmetics are strictly prohibited with Regulation 1223/2009 which entered into force on 11 July 2003, thus becoming << cruelty free >> cosmetic.

The primer, also called makeup base, has the role of protecting the skin from beauty products such as make-up. It is applied all over the face including the neck and décolleté, wait a few seconds for it to dry then continue with the make-up.
Note that the primer does not replace the moisturizer. Before applying the primer, it is best to hydrate the skin with a cream or serum.

The concealer should be used in the presence of dark circles due to tiredness or spots in some areas of the skin. It is better to use a concealer with a lighter shade than the foundation to give brightness to the skin. It should be applied over the foundation making circles and then spread with a brush or fingers until it penetrates the skin.

The powder is an optional product, suitable for people with oily skin, acne or people with scar skin. Its role is to better fix the bases giving perfect coverage to skin imperfections.

The red blush helps accentuate the cheeks. Here you can use two shades of blush; a darker one that is applied just below the cheekbones, and a lighter one that is applied above the cheekbones. With a soft brush, it begins to fade from the cheeks, rising slightly towards the temples. In the end, small circles are created to uniform the colors

Red lipstick is usually used in the evening or on special or glamorous occasions, because it has a very strong shade that is not good in the daytime.
You can opt for pastel shades, peach, pink, raspberry; for a day makeup.

For daytime makeup we recommend shades with light and not intense shades so as not to seem too vulgar. If you have blue eyes, you can choose brown, green, khaki, pale pink or gray. If you have green eyes, you can use brown, copper, light purple. If you have brown eyes you can use any light shade, brown, khaki, blue, pale pink or light purple.