The history of Amouage perfumes begins in 1983 in Oman. From the dream of the Arab perfumer art manager Syyd Hamad bin Hamoud to the bu Said, the Amouage brand was born.

Based in London, Amouage brings you back with your thoughts to the history full of traditions of the Middle East.

Created in the city of Grasse perfumes, the creations of the Amouage brand reflect the tradition of a wonderful collection that has been on the market for almost 35 years. The company’s CEO, David Crackmore, has created a line that experiences inventiveness and creativity, characteristics typical of his creations.  In 2006, the Amouage brand was reinvented, transforming its essence into a contemporary and attractive brand globally, positioning itself as a niche brand aimed at people with the most demanding tastes.

Amouage perfumes are created for people who are eager to create their own lock, to stand out from the crowd and wear something different.

The brand’s portfolio includes 34 perfumes. The brand’s creativity has reached its highest level since the debut of the Library collection.

In addition to perfume brands, Amouage has also shown skills in cosmetic products, thus gaining success with the Bath and Body collection, which inserts hand creams, soaps, shower gels, body creams, or body lotions.

The story continued with the debut of Amouage Home Collection, introducing scented candles and perfumes for the environment. Remaining in the area of perfumes, the ingredients that are used in the realization of these, are traditional ingredients of the Middle East such as: agaro zest, incense, moss, pink and toppings. Sometimes The Amouage niche bottles are created in a unique way, the packaging being made manually.  They are available in 66 countries in the most renowned stores such as: Harrods and Selfridges, in London, Bloomingdales and Haverey Nichols, in Dubai, Tangs in Singapore, etc.

The Amouage perfumes were made in collaboration with perfumers such as Alberto Morillas, Richard Herpin, Guy Robert, Karine Vinchon, Spehner.

With a style of its own, Amouage denoted sophistication with each creation, creating a true artistic masterpiece in the perfume market. A brand that has a note of elegance, embraces a luxurious style. Amouage ranks at the top of niche products, being increasingly appreciated by consumers.

Amouage Epic

Amouage Epic (MAN) is reminiscent of the legendary ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia.

The scent, a pleasant whirlwind of ingredients, was created by Ronda Hammami;  He made his debut in 2009. Together with Amouage Epic (WOMAN), it represents the true riches that deserve to be discovered, valued and told.

The source of inspiration for perfumes has a double derivation: the legendary Silk Road and the work of Turandot by Giacomo Puccini.

The most recent theme of the Amouage version is based on a legend about Puccini. Legend has it that one day, after his creation, Puccini buried his work in the sands along the Silk Road. It is said that the last act of the work, the III, represents something incomparable, superhuman.  The legendary town of Ubar in Oman is the starting point on the journey to discover the missing arias. Roads led along the Silk Road, between the East and the highest mountains in the world, in China. Here the elements used by the ancient caravans were mistaken for the precious grains of Oman silver incense.

In this way, Amouage perfumes explore valuable raw materials.

Epic Man follows a rich and diverse composition. At first it opens with pink pepper, cardamono, saffron, walnut, cumin, myrtle, pink walnut, olibano, and continues with a mixture of geranium and myrrh. The base consists of Agar Wood (Oud), incense, leather, sandalwood zest, cedar, styrax, moss and Castoreum. Although the compound leads us to think of a spicy, woody essence, Epic Man is warm, sweet, enchanting and easy to wear. An essence with a bland, suave warmth, the scent can be a great choice for man.

Amouage gold

The Amouage perfume line was launched in 1983 in the Sultanate of Oman with the intention of wanting to enrich with something new the traditional Arab perfumer art, based on myrrh and incense. Guy Robert is the genius creator of Amoage, known today as Amouage Gold.

Metaphorically speaking, the scent of Amoage Gold is what opened the door to a true golden age in the perfume industry, evoking the sophisticated lifestyle of men who appreciate sophistication and fine taste.

Eau de parfum is an essence of luxury with a rich texture.

The perfume is said to contain about 140 ingredients (as far as the Local Judicial Administration is concerned) : rose square, vale lily, myrrh, silver incense, jasmine, amber, jaaggiolo, cedar, zibetto, moss, sandalwood zest, patchouli and lichen.

Amouage testified that ” Amouage Gold is the most valiant perfume in the world.’

Guy Robert is the perfumer known for his recognized and appreciated collaboration in the realisation of perfumes such as Hermès Equipage, Doblis and Calèche, Cristian Dior Dioressence, and Madame Rochas.

Guy Robert stated ‘‘In my type of work, you always dream of being able to create a perfume in which you can give free rein to your creativity using all the essences available and putting to use your experience, your creativity and your imagination, not import how much it costs.”

Amouage Gold, with its lingering scent due to quality ingredients, aims to be a psychic experience not to be missed for the glory of Guy, its creator.

The scent recalls Shaal Nur, a woody oriental scent, launched in 1997, but Amouage Vite Gold, with its much deeper and richer notes, brings a luxury note in the care of elegant life.


Two irresistible perfumes The niche brand Amouage is the one that in 2010 introduced to the market: Memoir Woman and Memoir Man, starting from a risky statement, proposed by its director of creation, Christopher Chong.

Broadly speaking, this statement was launched as follows:



In its essence Memoir Man was seen as the inspiration for the existence French and the decadent air of Charles Baudelaire.  Described as a perfume in the “leather-wood” category, Memoir Man is the unparalleled creation of Karine Vinchon Spehner.  The combination it proposes is fascinating, given by the amalgamation of conquering elements: mint, basil, absinthe to which is added rose, lavender and incense. To finalize the essence and give it a personal note, Spehner combined it with sandalwood zest, guava zest, lichens, amber, vanilla, tobacco, leather, vetiver and moss.

Combining memories and with an endless process of refining, Amouage perfumes have their roots in the Middle East and are conceived in France, in the city of Grasse, renowned for its mastery and the art of creating refined scents.

The creation of products that satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers can give important advantages, in which the Amouage brand comes into play.


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