The Escentric Molecules brand has been dating since 1973 when the ISO and SUPER molecule was created in the laboratory. A molecule that does not exist in nature, remained unknown from the world of perfumery until Escentric Molecules discovered it and integrated it with great skill into its creations.

The history of Escentric Molecules perfumes has a very famous debut, and begins with the perfumer Geza Schoen.

Surprised by the uniqueness of the ISO and SUPER molecule, Schoen said:

“I realized that the common denominator of all perfumers can be ISO and SUPER.  I would have liked it if it could have contained a larger dose. ISO and SUPER is an uninhabitable thing, you can never tire of admiring it. It only takes one drop to wish for the whole bottle. It’s like a drug.’

Motivated and increasingly devoted, Geza Schoen began to carefully experiment with the meticulously crafted refined notes, creating the Escentric Molecules perfumes.

Since their launch in 2006 and to this day the brand has grown rapidly being sparkling and full of enchantment. Today, Escentric Molecules perfumes are appreciated and used by the most important and famous stars such as: Elton John, Naomi Campbell or Amy Winehouse. These scents are focused on a single exceptional aroma-molecule, and the other ingredients are chosen in a way that highlights its qualities. Unique radicals, Escentric Molecules perfumes celebrate art in the domain of chemistry.


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