Annick Goutal, pianist, model French and member of the French Perfume Society, was the person who listened to her passion by loving it above all else. Discovered her vocation for perfumes, she received it as a gift and later passed it on to her daughter Camille. In 1981, Goutal opened its first store in Paris, a place where a different atmosphere predominates, a space shrouded in elegance. This was the moment of the launch of the Annick Goutal house.

Because of her original creations, but also the mastery she showed in the creation of perfumes, she quickly positioned herself in the preferences of connoisseurs.

The house hires only experts to manage the whole process, from creating the perfumes themselves to designing bottles and packaging.

With devotion and perseverance Annick Goutal laid the foundations of her own perfumery, becoming the scents for her the new music.

As time passed, the Annick Goutal house developed more and more, gaining prestige all over the world.

Every creation that Goutal has developed has its own story. With a strong nuance that invites us to dream, memorable and full of charm, perfumes represent the true olfactory riches that we must learn to discover. In all her life Annick Goutal never stopped, but she continued to explore.

Annick Goutal’s best-known scent is L’Eau D’Hadrien, a citrus blend for both sexes, thanks to lemon, tangerine, cypress and a fresh ylang-ylang flavor.

The ingredients and essences used have been chosen among the best. In this way, noble essences and rare ingredients were integrated, selected with the utmost accuracy so that the final result was unique.

In order for everything to go perfectly and to express its authenticity, the perfume bottles and packaging were made by professionals in France who have sought delicacy down to the smallest details.

Today Camille Goutal, together with Isabelle Doyen, continues the story, sharing Annick’s same love for the ingredients that have consecrated Annick Goutal perfumes. The two invest creativity, putting into play an innovative spirit and, thanks to the love in which each of their creations is wrapped, the results are real emblems in the universe of perfumes.


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