La Chase Aux Papillion Extreme

La Chase Aux Papillion Extreme

Going back in time, the Chase Aux Papillions Extreme was launched in 1999 by its creator Anne Flipo. The first perfume of L’Artisan Parfumeur was Mure et Musc in 1978, which won over amateurs thanks to its fresh blackberry aroma.

Returning to our scent, our attention goes to the freshness that the perfume gives off, evoking the spring rich in floral essences, fresh and young. The notes that La Chase Aux Papillions Extreme offers are similar to those produced in the classic variant La Chase Aux Papillions but you can see the addition of pink pepper, saffron, ylang-ylang and honey.

Looking in detail at the entire composition, the head notes are very piperine and leave a more intense imprint of citrus, as well as dominates the pink pepper, saffron, apricot and citrus fruits. While the lime and orange blossom are relatively narrow, tuberose and jasmine are the main elements that come out in the foreground. At the end the base is composed of honey, ylang-ylang, in comparison with the classic variant;  Extreme is slightly sweeter and at the same time linear.

Eye-catching and wrapped in unusual scent accents, La Chase Aux Papillions Extreme, earns its admiration in the moment of application (when you wear it).

The stormy explosion of aromas, emotions and intense vibrations pampers even the most demanding person, enhancing the potential of La Chase Aux Papillions.


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