For over 220 years, Maison Lubin has enchanted us with its creations.

The history of the House begins with Pierre- Francois Lubin born in 1774 in the tumultuous times of French history. At the age of 10 he began as an apprentice in the workshop of Jean-Luis Forgean, the official supplier of perfumes and cosmetics to Queen Marie Antoinette. At the age of 18 in 1792 he went to Grasse at the atelier of another master “smells” Tombarelli. The latter begins it at the “Italian method” imported from Florence two centuries earlier thanks to Queen Catherine de’ Medici.

Lubin’s fame began thanks to Empress Giuseppina Bonaparte and Napoleon’s sister Paolina Bonaparte, who later became Borghese, who gave her name to one of her creations the “Bouquet Borghese”.

When the monarchy was restored after the revolutionary bracket, Lubin became “holder of the beauty secrets of the ancient court of France” and the favorite perfumer of many European courts.

The most important creation of the time was “Eau Vivifiante” later renamed “Eau de Lubin“.

The great perfumer does not stop in Europe but goes overseas to conquer America and then to India. Over the years he conquers the whole world with his creations. The greatest success of the House Lubin has been in America since the mid-19th century. In 1937, despite the economic difficulties of the moment due to the Great Depression, “Nuit de Longchamp” was launched, a timeless fragrance that evokes the nightly splendor of a garden bathed in white flowers, a scent that proved to be a great success in America and his wake fascinated many of the parties organized in Hollywood and the Hamptons.

In 1995 the perfume “Gin Fizz” was created by Henry Giboulet in homage to the most beautiful and elegant woman of the century, Grace Kelly.

Today the owner is Gilles Thevenin former creative director of Guerlain.

Resized to a reserved and exclusive perfume house, it continues with Houbigant, to be the oldest famous perfume house still in business.

Lubin’s fragrances have been revisited by perfumers such as Delphine Tierry, Tomas Fontaine, Henry Giboulet, Livia Giacobetti, Lucien Ferrero and Roger Broudoux.

The newest creation is of 2016, “Kismet Lubin”, close-up of a floral perfume dedicated to women.

Created from natural ingredients, Lubin products undergo a process of prolonged maturation over time, just as the aromas are more intense and more persistent.

Casa Lubin boasts products like “Akkad”,Upper ten” and “Idole”, but it can be said that each creation is a unique pamper for the wearer.

Its perfumes are real jewels that impress, fascinano and attract the gaze of even the most pretentious people by restoring the state of spirit, cheering our hearts thanks to special essences.


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