MECHANT LOUP (L’Artisan parfumeur)

MECHANT LOUP (L’Artisan parfumeur)

Wrapped in avant-garde notes, full of colors and created to convey much more than a perfume can do, the L’Artisan Parfumeur creations dare to propose perfumes out of the ordinary, overcoming any classic process of developing a perfume.

Luxurious and extravagant, they become remarkable, thanks to a unique concept, a different style and a story that comes to enrich souls and bring us happiness with intense and exciting smells.

Mechant Loup brings to the fore the fresh smell of the forest, presenting it as a woody scent, with an intense smell to which are added the spicy tones.

Mechant Loup was launched in 1997 by its creator Bertrand Duchaufour. A lovely scent, with a real force of attraction, the scent can be worn in the autumn season, when the days are colder and rainier.

With a strong dose of masculinity Mechant Loup accentuates his well-known masculine and if we talk about composition we can say that in this theme dominates with L’eau de Navigateur.

Continuing the examination of Mechant Loup’s entire composition, it tends towards a mix of cooked peanuts in accordance with a mixture of burnt sugar, reminiscent of Hermes’ Vetiver Tonka, but Mechant Loup is darker and richer.

The ingredients of the perfume have the role of sensitizing and softening the senses of men, and the composition of the perfume is presented in this way: sweet wood, cedar, praline, sandalwood, honey, peanuts, woody tones and myrrh.


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