One of the best known niche brands, Montale, is perceived by most people as one of the strongest brands, always revolutionary and full of beautiful surprises. Pierre Montale, the creator of the Montale house, said:

                   A fragrance is a natural and living raw material, which continues its maceration. The fragrance you buy today will gain strength and roundness along its conservation. Time and maceration: The secret of an elixir.

At first, Pierre Montale had begun to create perfumes in Saudi Arabia, for the royal family. After a few years, Pierre Montale returned to Paris to make his creations visible to the Western world characterized by ingredients such as incense, amber, cedar and precious woods.

Montale perfumes convey strong emotions and love to those who decide to wear it.

Montale is the only perfume line in France that uses the oud or wood of Agar, as it is also known. This has become a fashion ingredient in today’s perfume industry so that Pierre Montale is the first to make this ingredient stand out in the European space. It is said that from the beginning of time the scents with oud resin were the scents of the Arab Kings and Sultans.

The unique combinations of ingredients, the exclusive style have given the scents of the Aoud line a remarkable quality. All the presentations of the Aoud in different approaches have attracted the attention of many Europeans who have considered Pierre Montale a true innovator with risky ideas.

The oud is seen as a regal ingredient, which was considered in Eastern countries as an aphrodisiac. In addition, the quality of Montale products is also recognized for the ingredients used in a pure way.

Apart from the special ingredients of the oriental scents that have consecrated the Montale house, the design is equally special. The bottles are made of aluminum so as not to allow the action of external agents.

Another element that defines the identity of Montale perfumes is that of the golden stars in the eight corners. Metaphorically speaking, we can say that in every montale perfume package are matched the fascinating aromas of Arabia and love.

The Montale perfume collection includes both essences for women and men as well as essences of unisex perfume.

The Montale brand quickly gained the sympathy of consumers, but also critics and perfume experts who appreciated the uniqueness of the essences in surprising combinations.

His complex and well-crafted collection has provoked reactions all over the world as well as the niche brand Montale has established itself quickly, being increasingly known to appreciated .

Montale perfumes are so special that they have much more persistent natural odors than other luxury scents, with different smells depending on the pH of the person who wears it. Among the first fragrances Montale has remarked Intense Cafe, launched in 2013, eau de parfum oriental-vanilla, deeply wrapped in the aroma of freshly ground coffee.

A year later Intense Pepper and the charming Rose Night were launched. 2015 comes with new surprises bringing to the fore an eau de parfum unisex, made to dominate the senses of both women and men. Tropical Wood and Aoud Lagoon were recently launched

Montale Rose Night

The niche brand, Montale, is impressive for its collection of extravagant scents, with unique ingredients and aromas. The Montale perfumes have a particular design, being the carefully constructed aluminum bottles to which are added, as decorative elements, golden stars at the eight corners. For lovers of luxury and elegance, Montale always offers the enchantment of a new perfume, a memorable new olfactory experience, a new experience.

Montale Rose Night is the perfume launched in 2014 along with Montale Aoud Night. Both perfume bottles are made of metal adding meticulously golden shadows and black backgrounds. Pierre Montale created the perfume in a way that perfectly suited both women and men.

Montale Rose Night offers an elegant look and the olfactory composition was created to highlight the aroma of pink, a Bulgarian rose with soft chords that combine harmoniously with Sumatrant patchouli, hot amber and white moss amplifying its Sensuality


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